Friday, December 31, 2010


FreeZerMate EssenTial SeT
Retail- RM193.oo
SALE- RM140 OnLy

- FreezerMate Small II  650ml (2)
- FreeerMate Medium I 550ml (1)
- FreezerMate Medium II  1.5l (2)
- FreezerMate Medium III 2.3l (1)
- FreezerMate Large II 3.1l (1)
- Gift Box

WaTer ConTainer 8.7L
Retail- RM94.20
SALE- RM75.oo

MoDuLar KeePeR wIth gRiD 9.4L
Retail- RM86.90
SALE- RM65.oo

ECO sPRiNg 500ml
Retail- RM64.80
SALE- RM58.oo (4) 

sQuaRe rOuNd (4) 5ooML

OuTdoOr CooLer 8.7L
oFFeR - RM90.oo
BoLeh BaYar 3x

HaNdy CooL  1L (2)
Retail- RM59.80
SALE- RM50.oo  OR  RM26.oo (1)

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