Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Tupperware is a more vital and more viable business Opportunity than ever. What we have to offer today’s consumers speaks to what they consider most important in their lives.

Health. Organization. Money. Environment.
These are the four issues of importance to today’s consumers, according to the recent report, “The Trends that Will Be Impacting Home Goods and Housewares in 2008 and Beyond” by the Riedel Marketing Group. Tupperware is ideally suited to address all of these through our products and our Opportunity­.

Our products help families prepare and enjoy healthy meals at home and on the go. Advanced meal planning means more time together and less consumption of fast and processed foods.

In addition to getting healthy, people are also getting organized. After all, nobody does a pantry or refrigerator like Tupperware.

Earning income from a Tupperware business is an excellent way to supplement a family’s income or build a business. Money earned in Tupperware includes base commission as well as your Personal Sales Volume Bonus and royalties received as you build your team. If you relish the idea of a new car with no car payments, become a Dream Driver.
For your Hosts and customers, money saved on groceries through meal planning, and fuel savings resulting from fewer trips to the supermarket really adds up.

Tupperware products reduce  waste – no throwaway plastic or paper bags. Moreover, our products last a lifetime. That’s a great reason to switch from bottled water to Tupperware® tumblers and from disposable bags to Sandwich Keepers.

If you would like to explore how Tupperware can make your H.O.M.E. more healthy, organized, fruitful and have a smaller enivronmental footprint; contact me and we can do a H.O.M.E. party or personal customization that is sure to impress!

019- 350 3191

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