Monday, January 24, 2011


Anda peminat TupperWare? Jom berjimat sambil jana side income  ^o^
Join us today and enjoy 20% discount off retail price on ALL tupperware products!!


With only RM60, you will get a starter kit consist of

1- Kit bag
2- Tupperware bussiness oppurtunity presentation DVD
3- Tupperware Oppurtunity of Choice Guide book
4- Tupperware Modular Mates Oval II (1 set) + Modular Mates Round II (2 sets) worth RM 51.00
5- Order form, Calendar, Product, membershp form

To join, just email us your information details as below to

Name as in IC :
New IC no :
Nationality :
Race ( Malay/ Chinese/ India/ others) :
Date of Birth :
Occupation :
Language preferred (Malay/ English/ Mandarin) :
Postal Address :
Mobile phone/ house/ office :
Email :

Note: To activate your registration, you are advised to buy Tupperware product with valued atleast RM150 above.

Membercard dan Majalah Inspira akan dihantar oleh Tupperware HQ terus ke alamat anda.

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